Wesnoth 1.17.20

1.17.20 has been released! Notably in this release:

  • The scenario editor can now associate opened maps and scenarios to a particular existing add-on or create the basic file and folder structure of a brand new add-on. Additionally, it is now also able to create and edit the add-on’s _server.pbl file, which supports automatically converting non-core images into a DataURI so that people who don’t have your add-on installed can see its icon in the add-ons manager. In total, this means it’s possible to create an add-on, create maps for it, and then upload it to the add-ons server entirely from within the game.
  • The map King of the Hill has been updated to provide benefits to claiming the center keep beyond just having the keep in the middle of the map.
  • A variety of units have had their movement, movetype, and/or arcane resistances adjusted (see https://github.com/wesnoth/wesnoth/blob/master/changelog.md#units-1). These are also the final adjustments for Default era units, so if you’re curious how the factions play after all the changes in the last few releases, now’s the time to check them out!

For further details, as usual see https://r.wesnoth.org/t57196


Windows (beta) 480 MB
Version 1.17.20 Aug 20, 2023
macOS (beta) 455 MB
Version 1.17.20 Aug 27, 2023

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