Wesnoth 1.17.12 & 1.16.7

1.17.12 & 1.16.7 have been released! However, these updates are currently only available for Windows and Linux for the moment while we work through an issue getting the macOS app signed - 1.17.11 was released for Windows and Linux as well, but I delayed making the announcement long enough that it ended up being time for 1.17.12 already.

1.16.7 is a pretty quiet update, however between 1.17.11 and 1.17.12 there have been a variety of fixes and additions, in particular: the Kraken unit has been added along with new Ant units and the new Dragonfly unit line, several crashes have been fixed including one caused by simply moving a Walking Corpse unit north, and the translucent background for the in-game chat no longer constantly overlaps itself.

As usual, for additional details see: 1.16.7 - https://r.wesnoth.org/t56588 1.17.11 & 1.17.12 - https://r.wesnoth.org/t56589


Windows (stable) 480 MB
Version 1.16.7 Jan 15, 2023
Windows (beta) 480 MB
Version 1.17.12 Jan 15, 2023

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