Major update coming to the Stable channel

With the upcoming release of 1.16 on October 24th, players who are on the Stable channel will be automatically upgraded from 1.14.17 to 1.16.0. While 1.16 will have numerous improvements over 1.14, there are also some things that are incompatible between these two versions as well as add-ons that may exist for 1.14 but not for 1.16. As such, for players who wish to remain on 1.14.17 indefinitely, standalone downloads are available on SourceForge. For players who wish to continue using 1.14.17 without needing to download the standalone version from SourceForge:

  • Navigate to Wesnoth’s page in the app.
  • On the bottom bar, click the cog button. This should display a list of what files are currently installed and which ones can be installed.
  • On each installed package, there is a cog button labeled “Manage”. Click that.
  • This will bring you a few options like “Show in file manager”, “Check for update” and “Switch to another version…”. The last one will show you all versions of that package and an option to roll back to them.

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